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Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
. as a matter of fact due to hurricane sandy we have a website and working with partners to raise funds to purchase to replacements in the new jersey area. >> have you moved into the world of the e-book get? >> not yet. we have been exploring and do not discourage it. may schools and children research most have not had access to the piece of equipment and sell we have been lucky at how can we provoke that? because frankly in addition to wanting children to have books in being gauge read know it is a great way to do that for many children. i a note he does not want to look back in 10 years. we want to make sure that children were starving to have the opportunity to learn how to use the e-book and what it can mean to them. we know our friends at first book working on that and i cannot think maybe in a year or two we will do that project together. >> we are working on a digital platform so we can breathe up the limitations. if anyone is confused if there is a divide, i will reassure there is a terrible gap in the country. 32%, not a misstatement, 42% are from low-income families. they sim
Nov 25, 2012 7:00pm EST
of conservative agitator the with sandy e-mails making fun of stanford for being antisecond amendment and produced a firestorm on the list people were quoting the opinions from the 19th century that we've never heard of. i talked about my friends that had been killed working with of the city high school kids and other people talk about their experiences with friends who had been killed and there was a personal deep discussion that we never would have had if not for that provocation and still at the end didn't we just see what's happening when we were talking about things we wouldn't have talked about other wisecracks free speech has a moral high ground. someone who claims that, you know, like i'm on the side of niceness and so devotee. they are on the side of their own power to tell you to say. they will never see that to them. >> i am john peterson to reply to the american university. >> my undergraduate all modern. >> like a lot of the private colleges it has restricted speech codes. and i know that you have talked a lot about the whole guarantee but there are a lot fewer tools that's harder to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2